Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Why Hats?

First and foremost, Jakob Wirth's  dream was to create a hat company — WIRTH Hats is a realization of his dream. Second, everything starts and ends with our heads; our thoughts, feelings, emotions, ambitions, fears, desires and dreams. It’s where our mental health lives. WIRTH Hats is not just a hat, it’s a hug for your head. The word “Wirth” is pronounced the same as the word “worth” and means: “ to have value, to be important”.

WIRTH's Vision

For everyone to feel comfortable and safe talking about their own mental health.

Our goal is to build an inclusive culture, where we learn to identify with our own internal landscape and be willing to share; without fear and stigma. To live, share and carry our experiences together, because we know it’s never better alone. At WIRTH Hats, we believe taking proactive steps to improve our mental health is crucial, accessible and affordable counselling is a gateway to realizing our vision.

Wirth's Mission

The mission of WIRTH is threefold:

  1. Make the best hats and headwear our heads have ever seen. (In honour of Jakob Wirth’s dream).
  2. Measurably reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, counselling and therapy.
  3. Provide financial assistance for counselling for those who are unable to afford it.