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JustJoeLee Hat

<p>Joe is a digital content creator based here in Vancouver. He creates lifestyle vlogs around wellness, sustainability, minimalism, and much more. His background is in Kinesiology where he majored in sport performance which is where he grew his love for coaching. He realized after working with his clients, that exercise was a small portion of what people needed help with. Stress management, emotional well-being, recovery techniques, and focusing on mental health was equally as important as physical wellness.</p>

<p>He has a very relaxed approach when it comes to self-improvement which is in contrast to the “hustle bro” style that’s been popularized in recent years. His mantra “be less shitty” came from trying to improve little by little in all aspects of your life, instead of trying to perfect in one aspect. You don’t have to be fully zero waste, vegan, wake up at 4 am, meditate daily while drinking wheatgrass shots. Just find small ways you can improve yourself and go from there. Instead of trying to be perfect, just be less shitty.</p>

<p>His video content encompasses a holistic view of wellness and you can expect a wide variety of content on his channel. If you’re not convinced already, he also has a very cute dog named Jasper.</p>

<p>Joe’s style and beliefs are central to his custom WIRTH Hat. You can wear this hat out with your friends, on a run and everywhere in between!</p>

Zoom JustJoeLee Hat
Zoom JustJoeLee Hat
Zoom JustJoeLee Hat
Zoom JustJoeLee Hat
Zoom JustJoeLee Hat
Zoom JustJoeLee Hat

JustJoeLee Hat

$59.00 CAD

Every WIRTH Hat purchased has an impact by supporting counselling for those who cannot afford it.

Make it a 1-for-1 hat. Selecting this option upgrades your hat to pay for an entire counselling session - That's a lot of impact!

Be Less Shitty! The WIRTH JustJoeLee Hat combines the beautiful worlds of style, function and comfort! JustJoeLee’s one of a kind, mesh, stretch cotton hat is a must have! Whether taking your furry friend out for a walk, visiting with friends or getting out of bed. This hat is an essential part of your wardrobe collection.

Proceeds from the JustJoeLee Hat go towards making an impact in the mental health space by supporting counselling for those who cannot afford.

  • Cotton Six Panel
  • Deep fit
  • Unstructured
  • Curved brim
  • Adjustable fabric strap
  • Unisex

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  • WIRTH Hat/Toque
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WIRTH is a hat company committed to doing something about mental health. Proceeds from your purchase go towards supporting mental health initiatives and the WIRTH Foundation's Counselling Fund. Our hats are made in Vancouver, Canada with high-quality fabric and a lot of love. WIRTH Hats is a symbol of conversation around vulnerability and openness. We are committed to ending the stigma surrounding counselling and therapy.


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