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Hello WIRTH Fam!

We are very excited to bring you this new program!

In our ongoing efforts to support our community with reshaping our relationship to mental health and provide support to as many people as we can, we are excited to launch the WIRTH Book Club. 

Curated with a journey in mind, this selection of books begins with intimate, personal and transformative stories. From here, we’ll look into research and evidence-based practices that are changing the field of psychology. Then we’ll then touch upon a more transpersonal and philosophical perspective on something we all yearn for — love. Before wrapping up with a look at boundaries, — which supports virtually everything in the mental health sandbox.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Sarah for volunteering her time and spearheading this!


WIRTH Book Club

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WIRTH Book Club- Sign Up

The Details:

The cost to join the WIRTH Book Club is a $25 donation towards the WIRTH Counselling Fund and to the WIRTH Book Scholarship Fund. 

**If you cannot afford the registration cost or the cost of the books and still want to participate, please click this link and send us an email

  • This is not a group-therapy setting, but instead a facilitated conversation about the books we’re reading in a non-judgmental and confidential space. 
  • Questions or prompts will be shared for each book, you are welcome to use them but also encouraged to bring your own questions, curiosities and insights to each discussion.
  • The first discussion will be on Wed Sep 2nd from 6:00-7:30 pm PST. 
  • On-going, we meet the first Wednesday of each month via Zoom.
  • Readers can pick and choose which books you’re most interested in, or read them all 
  • Guest speakers will occasionally join to help facilitate discussion about the content we’re covering.
  • Zoom links and calendar invites will be sent to you once you register.

Our Host & Curator

Your book club host is Sarah Tesla. She is a documentarian and mental health advocate with a focus on trauma, recovery and de-stigmatization. She has a Masters of International Studies from Simon Fraser University, as well as training in mental health first-aid, trauma-informed practices in storytelling and is completing course work in neurobiology. 

She contributes to a support group for loved ones who are impacted by someone living with emotion dysregulation, also known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Sarah is also exploring moral Injury and decolonizing therapy in trauma recovery. This spring she launched the Being Human Project, — an advocacy resource for anyone struggling with mental health and for friends and family who support them.

The Reading List

In our ongoing efforts to support our community with reshaping our relationship to mental health and provide support to as many people as we can, we are excited to launch the WIRTH Book Club. The reading list explores literature on mental health that has the potential to increase our awareness, compassion and understanding of something we all struggle with — ourselves. 

A note about this reading list: Our booklist is intentionally diverse both in its authors, but also in its approach. The traditional medical-model approach to mental health is very gradually making way for something new. Our hope is that combining these various narratives will introduce you to some new insights that support your journey.

Vancouver Book Stores

If you are located in the Vancouver area, we recommend checking out:

Bayon Books (3608 W 4th Ave)
Pulp Fiction Books  (2422 Main St)
Massy Books (229 E Georgia St)


Heart Berries, By Therese Marie Mailhot (memoir)

Buy Heart Berries

Heavy: An American Memoir, By Kiese Laymon (memoir)

Buy Heavy: An American Memoir

It Didn’t Start With You, By Mark Wolynn (self exploration/ edu)

Buy It Didn’t Start With You

The Body Keeps the Score, By Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D. (edu)

Buy The Body Keeps the Score

All About Love: New Visions, By Bell Hooks (self-exploration)

Buy All About Love: New Visions

Boundaries and Relationships, By Charles Whitfield M.D. (self-exploration/ edu)

Buy Boundaries and Relationships