Key Brand Points


  • The word “WIRTH” and the “H” Hats are always capitalized.
  • As a brand our goal is to walk the line between the heavy and hard, and the fun and light.
  • We take the subject serious but try not to take ourselves too serious.
  • We prioritize self-care for our mental health.
  • We believe in taking the time we need to do things that bring us joy, keep us healthy and help us know our worth.
  • We support greater accessibility for counselling and therapy for all.

WIRTH Hats is a Vancouver brand that is dedicated to making an impact in the mental health space in a way that’s empowering, impactful and fun. All our hats are made in Vancouver, BC with every hat purchase going to support counselling and therapy for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it.

The WIRTH story is the driving force behind what we do and the reason for our name, which is in honour of our friend Jakob Wirth. You can check out the full story of WIRTH Hats on our story page.


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