Crux is a documentary about the life of Harvey Wright. After nearly losing himself, due to drugs, alcohol and mental health struggles Harvey seeks to find healing in his life through the outlet of rock climbing. 

While pursuing life as a DJ, Harvey fell into a downward spiral with drugs and alcohol. After some serious close calls with life he had hit rock bottom. The loss came with a fresh start, and it was rock climbing. Harvey learned to climb and found a new purpose and passion. Through climbing, Harvey has been able to regain his mental health and begin to heal from the years of self-destruction that had followed him for so long. Now Harvey climbs regularly and also uses music as an outlet as the lead singer in his band Ponytails. He gives credit to the mental health benefits of climbing and music for his health today.

Follow Harvey, Casey & Zac as they film this fantastic and touching story!

Crux was the recipient of the Arc’teryx Adventure Film Grant and will be premiered at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival in 2021. 

The Film Makers

Casey Dubois

After 20 years in the film industry as an actor, Casey discovered his love for being behind the camera telling the stories of his surroundings. He has travelled to multiple countries around the globe and through these experiences Casey realized he wanted to pursue his true passions: powerful storytelling through photography and filmmaking. These days Casey lives in Squamish dedicating most of his time to the vertical life. From climbing and snowboarding, to tracking wildlife in harsh environments, he is making a career documenting life in wild places.

Zac Hoffman

Zac’s passion for filmmaking was born in action sports. While travelling the world as a member of the Canadian National Mogul Ski Team, Zac spent his time in between training and competition honing his craft as a filmmaker, searching for stories within the world of skiing. Today Zac is retired from sport and is in is in his fourth year at Capilano University working towards a degree in Motion Picture Arts. This has given Zac the chance to round out his filmmaking skill set. Zac is constantly searching for opportunities to use filmmaking to tell stories in the world of sport.