Corporate Gifting

There is nothing like receiving a meaningful gift. The story of WIRTH Hats is inspiring and will be sure to resonate with your employees, partners or event attendees.

Corporate Gifting

Every WIRTH Hat made is locally handcrafted with the utmost quality and care and every WIRTH Hat sold, provides mental health support for those who can’t afford it.

At WIRTH we believe taking proactive steps to improve our mental health is crucial for our overall well being, health and productivity. By partnering with WIRTH Hats, not only will you be gifting a beautifully made hat, you will be making an immediate impact in someone else’s life.

WIRTH Hats are an everyday reminder that we are never alone and that our mental health should always be a priority. By doing so, we believe we will be healthier and happier individuals, families and communities.

Give a gift that has impact - Give a WIRTH Hat. All hats are handmade in Vancouver, BC with a lot of Love.

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