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WIRTH Hats Providing Mental Health Support to Canadians through Proceeds from Sales

Vancouver, BC: WIRTH Hats is excited to collaborate with TELUS Health to offer Canadians TELUS Health MyCare virtual counselling, so they can receive the support they need from their phone, whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

Proceeds from WIRTH Hat sales will go towards supporting the counselling fund, which covers costs of counselling for individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford it. WIRTH Hats are shipped to over 25 countries around the world as we continue to amplify the WIRTH mental health reach.

To apply for TELUS Health MyCare counselling support through WIRTH Hats, visit the WIRTH Hats counselling page. Counselling sessions will be granted to eligible individuals for a duration based on needs.

WIRTH Hats mission is two-fold:

  • Reduce the stigma around mental health, counselling and therapy;
  • Provide financial assistance for counselling and therapy for those who are unable to afford it.

WIRTH Hats continuously works towards building an inclusive culture, where people can share feelings and thoughts without stigma and fear. We believe providing affordable mental health counselling is crucial for healthier and happier individuals, families and communities.

“WIRTH Hats is extremely excited to collaborate with Telus Health MyCare to provide mental health counselling support to individuals and families unable to afford on their own. Telus Health MyCare has an amazing roster of mental health counsellors that are ready to support Canadians across the country.”
- Ben Miller, co-founder of WIRTH Hats

“We are very happy to be a part of this WIRTH Hats initiative, so more people in Canada can get the mental health support they need, especially during these trying times. TELUS Health MyCare offers simple, direct access to caring mental health professionals that can help with anything from daily challenges to more severe conditions, so you can start feeling better today.”
- Chris Engst, Managing Director, TELUS Consumer Health

About Telus Health MyCare

As a leading virtual care provider in Canada, TELUS Health MyCare is improving the lives of people in Canada by providing enhanced access to personalized, holistic and high-quality care. The TELUS Health MyCare app enables users to access a robust suite of health and wellness services and tools, from the convenience of their smartphone, to improve their overall health, consult with a locally licensed physician in numerous languages, and book appointments with professional mental health counsellors and registered dietitians.

For more information, visit

About WIRTH Hats

WIRTH Hats is a Vancouver brand that is dedicated to making an impact in the mental health space in a way that’s impactful and empowering. All our hats are made in Vancouver, BC with every hat purchase going to support counselling and therapy for those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. The WIRTH story is the driving force behind what we do and the reason for our name, which is in honour of our friend Jakob Wirth. You can check out the full story of WIRTH Hats on our story page at


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