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What #BringsMeWirth with Rian Peters

Rian Peters, otherwise known as @iamtheliving is an artist who, in happier times, was known for sharing his tunes live with us all at either Guilt & Co., Calabash, or The Biltmore Cabaret; he’s got talent, to say the least. The local artist from Peckham South East London resides here in Vancouver. His musical background boasts a wealth of diverse experience, a distinct voice that stands alone, and the ability to create music that speaks volumes.

Aside from music, health and overall well-being are what drives his life. The Living strives to achieve optimal health through surrounding himself with positive people, meditation, and in particular, living a raw-food, fruitarian lifestyle.

A couple of months ago, we chatted with him at one of his favourite spots in town, Eternal Abundance Organic Café and Market, about how food brings him WIRTH.

How can food boost your mental health?

This especially relevant topic caught our attention in the current times, and is one with which we’re proud to finish off the first series of Brings Me WIRTH.

What is it that you do for your own mental health?

We’ve recently been paying a lot more attention to the simple things in life; we’re talkin’ things like how we fill ourselves up–how we fuel our bodies. Down to the nitty gritty of what we’re eating for breakfast on an otherwise mundane Tuesday.

Like everyone, we go through our trials and tribulations in life which can obviously affect what we’re spending. For me, I find that consuming living, organic, fresh fruits and veggies really does help me with my well-being. And just gives me a positive vibration. It allows me to, what I like to say, reach my higher self–instead of continuously walking through this realm in my lower self.

So [to answer your question], consuming and just feeling my body, which, you can call your body a temple. I usually call it a spiritual vehicle, because I feel that I’m a spiritual being, and this body is, you know, navigating me through this journey. So yeah, eating raw, living, higher vibrational foods really does allow me to be in a great mental space.


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