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What #BringsMeWirth with Brent Price

Ever truly HUSTLE-ed? HUSTLE Studio owner Brent Price sat down in his new Mount Pleasant studio with WIRTH, lifted a couple kettlebells, and shared a story of a mental health practice turned physical health practice, unpacking the powerful correlation between physical and mental strength.

What is it that you do for your own mental health?

For me, I really felt weak. Mentally. What took me into the darkest places in my life is when I felt weak mentally, but I also realized it was because I was quite weak physically. I grew up quite overweight, and by the time I got to my mid-to-late twenties, I had come a long way with my mental health, and was really addressing it in every way possible; I was doing therapy, I was doing self-help, but I was still physically quite weak. And all of a sudden, my mind didn’t match my body and that’s when I found fitness. I then I realized the more I came into a gym, or went to a spin class, or ran, or did any of these things that made me feel strong as a person, they made me feel strong in my life. That’s kind of when that passion was sparked for fitness. It has done a lot for me, not only for my ability to participate in life, but for my ability to handle my demons; and I know that I am strong enough to deal with them.

For you, is it a day-to-day practice?

Absolutely. Even when I go on vacation, I bring my equipment with me, or I’ll find a gym or a studio. Because if I don’t workout every day, I feel just…a difference–in my emotional state.

Is it the process of working out, or is it after working out that is most impactful to you?

It’s in the workout itself. In the middle of it. I have a really hard time shutting off my brain and stopping the mechanism that keeps going. When I am working out–in any capacity, it’s the only time when I can actually calm my body down.


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