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What Brings Me Wirth with Felicity Anne

We recently ventured into the beautiful workshop of Felicity, Jewelry designer and owner of Felicity Anne Jewelry. Here we hung out and chatted creativity, purpose, and her mental health practice; creating for others. This is her story…

What is it that you do for your own mental health?

“Since I was a little kid I was always drawn to working with my hands and any creative outlet, really. I started with acting because of it being a very physical, all body thing. Whenever I‘m feeling overwhelmed or anxious or don’t know what I’m doing, I definitely turn to something that takes me out of my head and into my physical body.

Sitting down at my bench and creating something that means something to somebody is what I feel my purpose is. It instantly brings me out of my head and into something more physical and creative. It’s a very therapeutic process for me. It’s the one time I know that I can focus for hours on end because I have ADD and my mind is always racing a thousand miles a minute. I won’t have even touched my phone for hours and won’t realize it. It’s definitely a therapeutic process to be creative and to create something with my hands.

For you, is it afterwards that brings a calmness for you?

It’s that I I feel like I have accomplished something, and that’s always a really great feeling. When you’re starting a business and you feel like there’s a million and one things you should be doing, you get overwhelmed. It’s that one time where you can go, “okay, I feel really good, I’ve calmed my brain down, I’ve calmed by body down. I feel more grounded.” It’s like they say you can start wby making your bed in the morning, because it means you’ve accomplished something already for the day. It’s that kind of thing.

You mentioned earlier that you gain a sense of purpose from you work?

Doing something for somebody else and giving back is something that really drives me. the goal of my business is really to just be able to give back to people–in whatever sense that might be. So, starting off creating something that means so much to another person really fills me up and makes me feel good.


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