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An Intro To #Bringsuswirth, And Other Mental Health Practices

It’s important to learn about ourselves, to discover what it is that truly sparks our fire.

Tom Jones mentioned this thought during a recent creative sesh at WIRTH. It stuck with us, and the WIRTH collective started thinking about what brings us to that present, happy place…in the chaos of our own lives. What is it that we do for our own mental health? 

We sat down, sipped a couple coffees, and mulled over what brings each of us #wirth. 

Ben: Basketball brings out a sense of play for me. Growing up, basketball was a huge part of my life, and there were few better feelings than walking into a gym, chatting with teammates and then playing. Today it allows me to slow my mind and be present and puts a big smile on my face. 

Most importantly, it allows me to connect with friends through a shared love.

Sasha: Carving out time each week for immersive cardio exercise. The kind that forces you to, in the moment, forget the things that were weighing you down before. Or working on a piece of writing, and applying the same worth to that practice. 

Chad: I feel the most fulfilled when I have created an event, made the opportunity for another person to thrive, helped them overcome and obstacle, or been in a coaching and mentorship role that has someone breakthrough in a big way. This brings me so much fulfillment, joy and purpose. I also love the feeling of exhilaration I get from harnessing the wind on a catamaran or shredding a line on a powder day. There’s something just so perfect and simple about being so present and in the moment and yet in motion, in flow.

Afterwards we thought, why not ask more people in the community this question? So we did. In fact, we ventured right into those bucket filler moments of a handful of amazing people in this community who so graciously invited us into their moments, across the city.

From baking sourdough to sitting amongst tourists with a chai tea in hand, we got some intimate peeks into those important moments for people, taking steps into their inner worlds to understand, from the inside out.

Stay tuned, because for the next 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing those moments through a social media campaign we’re pretty darn excited about. 

It’s rare that we take a moment to stop and reflect to ask, ‘what is the practice we do for ourselves–for our mental health?’ 

What are the things that you need to do to be at your best? To keep the candle lit?


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